Cool Stuff We’ve Done





One of the best parts of being in such a unique line of work is that we get some pretty amazing opportunities to do some cool stuff! Check out the links below to see what we’ve been involved in over the past few years!

NEWS!  We hosted our first “Open Barn” event on Sunday, August 26th.  It was a great success!  Thank you to all who came out, our veterinarian, and our farrier, who were both on hand to answer questions!  Watch the NEWS story below:

WTOC Carriage tour company opens barn doors to public


We bonded with Unicorns!!  Our favorite unicorn, Excelsior Leviticus stopped by to take some photos with some adorable fairies!


The New York Times Magazine – one of the two best ways to see Savannah

Country Singer Joe Nichols Wedding – featured in PEOPLE magazine

“Big Sexy Bob” the horse takes Billy Currington on a tour of Savannah as CMT shoots an interview with Billy. Bob is STILL talking about this six years later….

Perhaps the most moving experiences we’ve had here, and the greatest honor, participating in the funeral of Sgt. Peney, a 22 year old soldier killed in combat in Afghanistan.